Climber: Adam Ondra
First Ascent: L'ètrange Ivresse des Lenteurs (9a+), Ceüse, France
Photographer: Bernardo Gimenez

First Ascent Inspiration

BD Athlete Matt Helliker

"This first ascent and the way they went about it inspired me to climb in this style. I became obsessed with mountains and the committing style in which alpinists were starting to climb these routes in the Greater Ranges."

Climbers: Brendan Murphy, Mick Fowler, Steve Sustad
First Ascent: 1997—North Face of Changabang (6864 m), Garhwal Himalaya, India
Photographer: Andy Cave
First Ascents

The past, present and future of climbing is fed by first ascents. From Herman Buhl to Royal Robbins to Wolfgang Güllich to Tommy Caldwell, generation after generation of climbers have been drawn to first ascents and first free ascents, compelled by the unknown, driven to redefine the historical narrative of climbing, and narrow the line between impossible and possible.

Here at Black Diamond, we are a company of climbers. We trust the gear we make because we use the gear we make—and we have for more than 50 years, on first ascents from Alaska to Austria to Argentina to Algeria. Every piece of gear we design, engineer and build is part of a rigorous and evolutionary continuum of solutions and refinements. Just as first ascent standards and possibilities have continued to evolve—fostered by new thinking and new skills—so has the gear we proudly make.

With that in mind we have chosen First Ascents as the theme for this, the Climbing 2013 digital catalog. Through photos, videos and narrated slideshows, we've highlighted first ascents and first free ascents from recent years as well as the crucial pieces of Black Diamond gear that helped make them a reality. In addition, we've included historical images from past first ascents—chosen by our athletes—that have fueled their own personal FA pursuits.

We hope this Climbing 2013 digital catalog inspires you to seek out the unclimbed, the untried, and to discover the challenges and rewards of your own first ascents. See you out there.

— Black Diamond Equipment


BD Athletes Nico Favresse, Olivier Favresse and Daniel Jung are always on the hunt for first ascents, and their most recent search led them to Norway where they found a stunning, overhanging wall laced with cracks. The trio's FA pursuit involved skin-shredding jams, mega whippers, and daily shenanigans, including scooter jumping and swapping tooth-brushing tips.

Watch a video of the Favresse brothers and Daniel Jung cranking and whipping in Norway. Filmed and edited by Bernardo Gimenez.
Nik Berry
Climber: Nik Berry
First Ascent: Wonder Wall (5.13c), Lone Peak Cirque, UT
Photographer: Andrew Burr


With ample racking space, Dual Core XP Construction™ for total 3-season comfort and Bombshell abrasion patches for unparalleled abrasion resistance, the Focus excels at long routes and day-in/day-out cragging.
340 g (12 oz)


Whether you're jamming finger cracks in Squamish or groveling up offwidths in Vedauwoo, the Camalot™ remains the gold standard for camming units worldwide and combines what no other cam does: a range of sizes with unparalleled expansion range, a strong and durable C-Loop continuous cable stem, and an easy-handling, color-coded design.

Camalot C3

Awkward flares, narrow horizontal slots and tight seams—the Camalot C3 fits where no other camming unit can thanks to its ultra-narrow head, interlocking cam lobes, and flexible, color-coded stem.

Magnetron RockLock

Merging a versatile D-shaped biner with autolocking Magnetron Technology—which uses a pair of magnetic arms in the gate and a steel insert in the nose for unparalleled security and ease of use—the Magnetron RockLock is ideal for belaying, rappelling or building anchors.
87 g (3.1 oz)


Superior lightweight protection for cragging, the 186 g (6.6. oz) Vapor represents the next level of helmet design innovation. Kevlar® and carbon reinforcements allow for a low-profile, highly ventilated design without sacrificing security.
[size S/M] 186 g (6.6 oz)
Lynn Hill
Climber: Lynn Hill
First Ascent: 1993—The Nose (VI 5.14), Yosemite National Park, CA
Photographer: John McDonald

First Ascent Inspiration

BD Athlete Brittany Griffith

"The photos of Lynn Hill making the first free ascent of The Nose have always been an inspiration to me to challenge myself far beyond what I perceive are my limits. And she's still crushing it and still inspiring me!"

Real Talk
Real Talk

BD Athlete Mason Earle has logged countless miles hiking the clifflines of southern Utah looking for undone cracks. The fruits of his labor are a slew of prime first ascents, typically splitter, thin and stout. At Lower Mill Creek outside of Moab, his most recent new route, Real Talk, is one of his best—and one of his boldest.

Check out this video of Mason sending the 5.13+ first ascent. Filmed by Andrew Burr. Edited by Ben Woodworth.
Mexican Snow Fairy
Mexican Snow Fairy

It's safe to say that BD sales rep J.P. Ouellet has climbed more single pitches of hard crack than anyone, many of them first ascents. We sent photographer Andrew Burr down to Moab to document J.P. battling on his latest first ascent crack project, Mexican Snow Fairy, a fierce route that required J.P. to employ several of his specialized tricks of the hard-crack trade to tip the scales in his FA favor.

Click through a narrated slideshow of the 5.13+ challenges of Mexican Snow Fairy and the crafty techniques employed by J.P. Ouellet to bag the first free ascent.
Adam Ondra
Climber: Adam Ondra
First Ascent: La Dura Dura (9b+), Oliana, Spain
Photographer: Bernardo Gimenez


A high-performance lightweight harness built for sport climbing and lightweight missions, the Flight provides the ultimate balance of comfort and breathability thanks to its Dual Core XP Construction™ and trakFIT leg loop adjustment system. Super-durable Bombshell abrasion patches and Mondo gear loops round out this versatile harness.
330 g (11 oz)


A high-performance women's harness for sport climbs, from cragging in Céüse to multi-pitching in the Rätikon, the Siren features our Dual Core XP Construction™, trakFIT leg loop adjustment system, Mondo gear loops and Bombshell abrasion patches for the ideal balance of comfort, breathability and function.
330 g (11 oz)

LiveWire Quickdraw

Our high-end sport climbing draw, the LiveWire Quickdraw features a straight-gate Dynotron carabiner on top and a wiregate LiveWire carabiner on bottom, both hot forged. The result? A top-of-the-line, sculpted, easy-clipping draw for uncompromising performance from the Red River Gorge to Tonsai Beach. Also available as individual carabiners.
106 g (3.7 oz)


A versatile, smooth-clipping quickdraw with straight- and bent-gate Nitron carabiners. 100% keylock and 100% hot forged, the Nitron's optimized shape and detailing provide ergonomic, snag-free clipping and cleaning performance. Also available as individual carabiners.
99 g (3.5 oz)

Magnetron GridLock

By combining our award-winning, hot-forged GridLock design with Magnetron Technology—which uses a pair of independent magnetic locking arms for unparalleled security and ease of use—the Magnetron GridLock is the ultimate auto-locking belay biner.
78 g (3 oz)
Dave McLeod
Fight The Feeling

From bold trad to sketchy rime to hard sport, BD Athlete Dave MacLeod has something of an obsession with first ascents in his native Scotland—a land not known for its ideal climbing weather. A little sleet and rain, however, has done little to dampen Dave's passion for scouring the island for new climbs. His latest FA, Fight The Feeling, is an interesting tale of an FA legacy being carried on from one generation of climbers to the next.

Watch a video of Dave MacLeod crimping down to establish a new 8c+/9a sport climb in Scotland. Filmed and edited by PolishedProject.
Wolfgang Güllich
Climber: Wolfgang Güllich
First Ascent: 1985—Punks In The Gym (32), Mount Arapiles, Australia
Photographer: Heinz Zak

First Ascent Inspiration

BD Athlete Adam Ondra

"You can see Wolfgang's passion in his eyes, his dedication to climbing and how much joy it brought to him. This photo is from the first ascent of the world's first 8b+, Punks In The Gym, and serves me as an inspiration to live my dream of a climber. It is very emotional to think how much I would like to shake his hand."

Climber: Brian Heppner
First Ascent: Man Hands (7), Lillemola Island, Norway
Photographer: Andrew Burr


Our premier all-day trad climbing harness built with Kinetic Core Construction™ for total comfort and support. Outfitted with a Speed Adjust waistbelt buckle, 4 pressure-molded gear loops and a haul loop, the Chaos is ideal for everything from desert cragging to multi-pitch granite free climbs.
404 g (14 oz)

Camalot X4

The newest member of the standard-setting Camalot family, the Camalot X4 combines the narrow head width and flexibility of the Camalot C3 with the expansion range and holding power of the 4-lobe Camalot. The X4s have an unparalleled expansion range for a micro cam and come in six sizes that cover 8.4 mm to 41.2 mm (.33 to 1.62 in) thanks to their innovative Stacked Axle Technology in the smaller sizes and double axle design in the larger sizes.

HoodWire Quickdraw

Our most versatile wiregate draw, the HoodWire Quickdraw is equipped with dual HoodWire carabiners that feature a stainless steel wire hood for snag-free, keylock functionality in a wiregate design. Also available as individual carabiners.
82 g (2.9 oz)


Our most versatile belay/rappel device and an absolute essential on multi-pitch routes, the ATC-Guide offers multiple friction modes for the optimal amount of stopping power when lowering or rappelling. Machined windows provide weight savings and the device's "guide mode" provides auto-block efficiency by letting you belay one or two seconding climbers off the anchor.
86 g (3.1 oz)

Half Dome

Supremely adjustable and super-durable for day-in/day-out climbing protection, the Half Dome features a comfortable, hybrid shell design, a custom wheel adjuster for fine-tuned fit, and ultra-secure headlamp clips for pre-dawn starts and after-dark descents.
[size S/M] 290 g (10 oz)
Beat on Silbergeier
Climber: Beat Kammerlander
First Ascent: 1993—Silbergeier (8b+), Rätikon, Switzerland
Photographer: Peter Mathis

First Ascent Inspiration

BD Athlete Pietro dal Pra

"When I saw this picture, many years ago, it was such a strong emotion. The place and the climber tasted so wild. And the rock so clean, the closest to an ideal of perfection. Not many pictures before or later have made me wishing more than this one to be in the place."

A Gift For Wyoming
A Gift For Wyoming

BD Athlete Alex Honnold wants to be left alone. No, not really, but he did take the unusual approach of climbing alone on fixed lines as he worked to free a route on Yosemite's Leaning Tower, a 1500-foot prow of overhanging granite, that Todd Skinner had originally tried more than a decade ago. This past fall Alex managed to free the lower portion of the route, but the 5.14/5.15 business on the headwall waits unredpointed. Here is a preview of the two-part video series—that will be released in April—documenting the first ascent challenges that Honnold encountered.

Watch Alex Honnold work on finishing Todd Skinner's FA vision of a futuristic free route on Yosemite's Leaning Tower. Filmed and edited by John Dickey.
Nalle Hukkataival
Climber: Nalle Hukkataival
First Ascent: Peahi (V12), Rocklands, South Africa
Photographer: Cameron Maier


Our biggest, thickest pad, the Mondo is for the tallest, scariest problems on the planet. The Mondo features 12.5 cm (5 in) of shock-absorbing foam, padded shoulder straps and waistbelt, a waterproof coating on the bottom, and durable corner handles for easy pad shuffling.
112 x 165 x 12.5 cm (44 x 65 x 55 in)
9.25 kg (20 lb 6 oz)

Drop Zone

Our go-to everyday pad, the Drop Zone features 9 cm (3.5 in) of foam and a taco-style folding design for a continuous landing surface. It also features a waterproof coating on the bottom, padded shoulder straps and waistbelt, and an elastic mesh flap to securely stow shoes, chalk bags and other gear inside the pad.
104 x 122 x 9 cm (41 x 48 x 3.5 in)
4.75 kg (10 lb 8 ox)


A clean, durable, hinge-fold pad for all-around performance, the Impact features 10 cm (4 in) of cushioning foam, padded shoulder straps and waistbelt, and a three-buckle closure system for quick and easy moves between boulders.
100 x 114 x 10 cm (39 x 45 x 4 in)
4.33 kg (9 lb 8 oz)


Ideal for solo circuits, travel or as a starting pad on your highball project, the Satellite features 7.5 cm (3 in) of foam, a taco-style folding design for a continuous landing surface, and a clean 3-buckle closure system.
89 x 104 x 7.5 cm (35 x 41 x 3 in)
2.7 kg (6 lb)


A super-durable and super-simple chalk pot for communal dips at the boulders, the Chalkboy features a zippered, clamshell opening, internal brush sleeves, and an external mesh side pocket for tape and other small essentials.
435 g (15.3 oz)
Fred Nicole
Climbers: Fred Nicole and Jacky Godoffe
First Ascent: 1995—Karma (8A+), Fontainebleau, France
Photographer: Stephan Denys

First Ascent Inspiration

BD Athlete Nalle Hukkataival

"A couple of the most influential figures in the sport of bouldering, making the first ascent of one of the most iconic boulders ever in the birthplace of bouldering. Enough said."

james kassay
Wheel Of Life Direct

Peppered with iron-hard crimps and delicate scoops, the massive Hollow Mountain Cave in the Grampians of Australia is the most stunning roof bouldering arena in the world. In 2011, BD Athlete James Kassay repeated the cave's 70-move mega-line, Wheel Of Life, a V15 boulder problem that's longer than most routes. But James' affair with the line was far from over. His real goal was to add a more difficult direct finish, which he managed to pull off, with the cameras rolling, in November 2012.

Watch James Kassay execute perfect beta all the way through the longest, hardest roof problem in the world.
bertha's tower
Climbers: Cory Richards and Freddie Wilkinson
First Ascent: Bertha's Tower (VI 5.11R A3+), Queen Maud Land, Antarctica
Photographer: Mike Libecki

Big Gun

A beefed-up harness with extra padding, 2 belay loops, 7 customizable gear loops, and a hammer holster, the Big Gun is built for maximum comfort during epic belays and aid climbing missions on big walls the world over.
660 g (1 lb 7 oz)

Cliff Cabana Double Portaledge

Your horizontal reprieve in the vertical world, the Cliff Cabana Double Portaledge is the world's strongest, most reliable single-point suspension sleeping system. An anodized aluminum frame, durable double ripstop material, and multiple stow pockets and attachment points make for easy setup and easy living on multi-day wall routes.
9 kg (19 lb 13 oz)

Zion Haul Bag

Our biggest haulbag, built for hard duty on Grade VI routes and expedition walls, the Zion swallows 147 liters worth of gear and takes unholy levels of abuse thanks to its vinyl-laminated nylon fabric and tuck-away suspension system.
4.29 kg (9 lb 8 oz)


Designed with four-bar linkage for increased holding power, especially on muddy or icy ropes, the nForce also features a spacious grip for improved dexterity for gloved hands and a 360-degree carabiner clip-in point.
245 g (8.6 oz)


The light to own when you can only have oneā€”the 90-lumen Spot is a super-bright, compact light with a full feature set and a range of modes (including distance, proximity, night vision and dimming), perfect for everything from cooking up in camp to rappelling in the dark.
90 g (3.2 oz)
Charlie Porter
Climber: Charlie Porter
First Ascent: 1972—The Shield (5.8 A3), Yosemite National Park, California
Photographer: Gary Bocarde

First Ascent Inspiration

BD Athlete Conrad Anker

"This is Charlie Porter on the first ascent of The Shield on El Cap. I remember this photo would make my hands sweat, just looking at it. This was what climbing is all about: risk, adventure, friendship and wild locations!"

out of reality
Out Of Reality

There is alpine style, and then there is disaster style, where gear and food are pared down to the absolute minimum—and then they are pared down again. If the slightest thing goes wrong, the ramifications are disastrous. Such was the high-risk style BD Athlete Dodo Kopold and Michal Sabovcik employed on their unsummited first ascent of Out Of Reality (WI6 M7 5.11 A3) on the 2000-meter northwest face of Pakistan's Great Trango Tower. It wasn't the heinous weather or the grievous ledgeless bivies or the icy offwidths that stopped them short—it was a pot. The duo dropped their snow-melting pot at a bivy 400 meters below the summit, and, after a failed attempt to melt drinkable water in an empty fuel canister, they were forced to bail. No pot = no water = no summit. Disaster style, indeed.

Click through Dodo Kopold's narrated slideshow of his near-disaster/near-success on Great Trango Tower.
Pat Ormond
Climber: Pat Ormond
First Ascent: PFC Wintergreen (WI5), Nuper, Iceland
Photographer: Jay Smith


A quiver of one for those who climb it all, all year long, the Aspect features a bullhorn-shaped waistbelt with Dual Core XP Construction™ and Forged Speed Adjust buckles for versatile comfort in any season. Bombshell abrasion patches, adjustable leg loops and 4 Ice Clipper slots provide easy transitions from rock to ice to the alpine.
410 g (14.5 oz)


A 4-season harness for women whose climbing season lasts 365 days, the Lotus features a women's-specific bullhorn-shaped waistbelt built with Dual Core XP Construction™, Forged Speed Adjust buckles, 4 Ice Clipper slots, adjustable leg loops and Bombshell abrasion patches.
410 g (14.5 oz)


Designed for maximum versatility on high-end ice and mixed routes, the Cyborg runs in either a dual or monopoint configuration and features a lightweight, stainless steel construction that resists rusting and snow build-up. Available in both Pro and Clip models. ABS included.
1.08 kg (2 lb 6 oz)


Built with a hydroformed shaft for added stiffness, exceptional clearance and reduced weight, the Viper is a durable, versatile tool for any winter climbing pursuit from local ice to the greater ranges. Available with hammer or adze.
[Hammer] 625 g (1 lb 6 oz)


Our go-to ice climbing glove for mild conditions, the Punisher balances protection and dexterity with a BDry™ waterproof insert, 4-way stretch shell with EVA foam padding, goat leather palm and pre-curved, ice-tool specific fit.
178 g (6.3 oz)
Jeff Lowe Octopussy
Climber: Jeff Lowe
First Ascent: 1994—Octopussy (WI6 M8), Vail, CO
Photographer: Brad Johnson

First Ascent Inspiration

BD Athlete Will Gadd

"Jeff Lowe was a first ascent inspiration on so many routes—Bridalveil, Wind, Sand and Stars, Octopussy, and on and on. But, yeah, the pictures from Octopussy, those were the ones that really opened my eyes to the future of mixed climbing first ascents."

Tim Emmet on Wolverine

There's steep ice and then there is STEEP ice. Tucked away in Wells Grey Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada, Helmcken Falls offers the wildest, steepest and most difficult ice climbing in the world (some climbs are nearly as overhanging as they are long). BD Athletes Will Gadd, Raphael Slawinski, Klemen Premrl and Tim Emmett, as well as other climbers, were on the Helmcken scene this past winter and collectively worked to develop and decipher a new route, Wolverine, which Premrl and Emmett eventually made the first and second ascents of back-to-back.

Check out a crew of BD Athletes battling the otherworldly spray ice of Helmcken Falls. Filmed and edited by Wiktor Skupinski.
West Face of Makalu
Climber: Raphael Slawinski
First Ascent: Nachtmahr (WI5 M9), Canadian Rockies
Photographer: Wiktor Skupinski


Our top-of-the-line monopoint crampon for demanding ice and mixed lines on crags and peaks the world over, the Stinger features an asymmetrical design, lightweight, rust-free stainless steel construction and replaceable frontpoint. ABS included.
960 g (2 lb 1 oz)


Equally comfortable on the comp circuit or a demanding alpine route, the Fusion is our premier mixed climbing tool. The Fusion has a unique, single-piece, hydroformed shaft that extends through the grip for added sensitivity and rigidity. The adjustable, overmolded grip provides a custom, secure grip for when you're gunning for the summit or the podium.
672 g (1 lb 6 oz)


Combining a lightweight, hybrid shell, excellent ventilation and a super-comfortable fit, the Vector is the durable solution for alpine-climbing ounce counters who can't sacrifice protection. The stowable, ratcheting suspension dials in the perfect fit while the in-mold headlamp clips secure your headlamp during early starts and late descents.
[size S/M] 230 g (8.1 oz)

Epic 45

A versatile, guide-style pack built for the demands of classic alpine climbs and cragging sessions alike, the Epic 45 has a fixed top lid and streamlined features for pure mountain functionality. Our ergoACTIV™ suspension moves with you from the approach to the descent.
1.69 kg (3 lb 11 oz)


A minimalist, stretch softshell glove for drytooling and hard, technical mixed climbing, the lightweight Torque features a super-sticky synthetic palm, thermoformed knuckle protection and an articulated cuff with hook-and-loop closure.
72 g (2.5 oz)
george lowe
Climber: George Lowe
First Ascent: 1974—North Face of North Twin (3731 m), Canadian Rockies
Photographer: Chris Jones

First Ascent Inspiration

BD Athlete Raphael Slawinski

"There was a lot to the image that grabbed me: but more than anything it was Lowe's eyes. In them you can read the fear of having passed the point of no return, but also the determination to do whatever it takes to get up. As an aspiring alpinist I've spent a lot of time looking at the photo and daydreaming. Hell, even now, looking at it, I feel a shiver down my spine!"

Beat on Silbergeier
Climber: Hayden Kennedy and Josh Wharton
First Ascent: South Face of Ogre 1 (7285 m), Pakistan
Photographer: Kyle Dempster


Our top crampon for all-around alpine performance, the Sabretooth features a stainless steel construction that resist rusting and snow balling, versatile horizontal frontpoints that tackle everything from moderate water ice to technical ridge traverses. Available in both Pro and Clip versions. ABS included.
925 g (2 lb 1 oz)


The ultimate tool for leashless ice, mixed and alpine climbing, the Cobra features a lightweight carbon fiber shaft, a damp, balanced swing and a Laser Pick for unparalleled performance from the crags to the Karakoram. Available with a hammer or adze.
[Hammer] 588 g (1 lb 5 oz)

Express Ice Screws

The fastest placing screws in the ice world, thanks to advanced tooth geometry and large, fold-out crank knobs, Express Ice Screws are an essential part of any ice or alpine rack. The screws' stainless steel hangers also feature two clip-in points. Color-coded and available in five lengths.
10 cm-22 cm


A bright, powerful light built for true all-weather performance, the Storm features a 100-lumen output, a full feature set and a 100% waterproof construction, making it equally at home on after-dark descents and stormy alpine bivies.
110 g (3.9 oz)

Speed 22

Stripped to the essentials for light-and-fast alpine ascents, the Speed 22 is our ultralight, frameless, 22-liter summit pack with a top-loading design and thermo-molded backpanel. A tuck-away rope strap and micro ice-tool PickPockets™ secure your gear on the approach and the removable webbing waistbelt adds extra support.
[size S/M] 610 g (1 lb 5 oz)
Great Trango Tower
First Ascent: Great Trango Tower Massif
Photographer: Ace Kvale

First Ascent Inspiration

BD Athlete Renan Ozturk

"The Great Trango Tower massif. All-time greatest spikey summit inspiration shot!"

Jack Tackle in Alaska
Alaska Range

BD sales rep Jack Tackle first climbed in Alaska in 1976, and since then he has made 31 expeditions to AK's iconic mountains. During those expeditions Jack has established 15 major first ascents from Mount Foraker to Denali to Mount Hunter to Mount Barille—an impressive tally that few climbers can match. He's had grand successes and terrible failures, he's felt reborn and he's nearly died—he has experienced climbing in the Alaska Range to its fullest. Here are his most memorable first ascents.

Listen and watch as Jack Tackle details the highlights of his 38-year Alaska Range climbing career.
Silver Karo
Climber: Janez Jeglic
First Ascent: 1983—Diedro del Diablo (6a A2), Fitz Roy, Patagonia
Photographer: Silvo Karo

First Ascent Inspiration

BD Athlete Rolo Garibotti

"What better way to describe 'grinta' than this. Grinta is an Italian word that describes the ability to keep moving forward in spite of adversity, to clench your teeth and push on, to commit."

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