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What began as Alex Lowe's drive to simply ski more has grown into a ritual among Black Diamond employees: the dawn patrol. Through our years of early morning ski tours, we've created a collection of gear and apparel to handle the unique demands of pre-sunrise skin tracks and first-light powder laps. READ THE CATALOG:
Rock Climbing 2013 Rock Climbing 2013
The past, present and future of climbing is fed by first ascents. Generation after generation of climbers have been compelled by the unknown of a first ascent, driven to redefine the historical narrative of climbing, and narrow the line between impossible and possible. READ THE CATALOG:
Rock Climbing 2012 Clothing 2013
Our new apparel line addresses the needs of alpinists—a diverse group of climbers and skiers—in the same way that our equipment does: through intuitively designed, rigorously engineered and beautifully executed pieces that we use and trust. READ THE CATALOG:
Alpinism 2012 Alpinism 2012
Where it all began: the European Alps. More than 500 years ago, technical climbing was born amongst the peaks, glaciers, cliffs and couloirs of the European Alps, hence the name "alpinism". READ THE CATALOG:
Rock Climbing 2012 Rock Climbing 2012
Weeklong road trips, months-long expeditions, weekend missions—traveling, whatever the length and wherever the destination, is ingrained in the past, present and future of rock climbing. READ THE CATALOG:
Skiing 2012 Skiing 2012
Choking on face shots. Slashing through trees. Booting to the summit.
These moments—these quintessential skiing moments—serve as our inspiration and motivation. READ THE CATALOG: